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Axiom Technologies approach to recruitment and human resource solutions involves identifying the most effective mix of talent from local, regional and international sources, and drawing from our candidate database, regional and global talent pools, as well as sourcing candidates through integrated, proactive marketing.

Partnering with Axiom Technologies as your recruitment agency means you have access to our human resource management expertise, which covers a wide range of industries, both industrial and non-industrial. Thanks to our experienced recruitment consultants, we can also source candidates for various types of roles including contingent, temporary, permanent and contract.

We offer a full array of recruitment services, so you won’t need to engage a separate temporary recruitment agency.

Staffing and Recruitment Services



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We understand that every school is different from others with varying IT requirements. Please speak with one of our friendly staff members about your requirements which may be for IT Operations, Backup, IT Security, Cloud Computing, Internal Audits or even Procurement. Our team of technical experts offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist with the management and planning of your ICT infrastructure. Please take a few moments to tell us how we can help with your content needs, and we will be happy to assist with a solution in-line with your requirements.

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